Self help - the Tessies way

November has come round again (err how did that happen so fast?) and this can mean that due to the nights drawing in and the cold and dark weather, many of us can start to feel low. I struggle with my moods too so I thought it might be helpful to write a little list of things that may just cheer you up if you're feeling the weight of the Winter. I'm not a qualified expert so these things aren't the be all and the end all and might not help everyone but they usually do me:

  • Make yourself a brew. My choice is good old Yorkshire with soy milk but anything will do as long as it's tea and it's hot.

  • Talk to someone - it may be hard if you're feeling very down but even just a quick chat can do wonders to air the thoughts stuck inside

  • If you have access to a pet, then pet it. There's something so soothing about cuddling a furry creature

  • Watch a favourite film - for obvious reasons

  • Listen to your favourite music - again this seems obvious but it can be enough to lift you, even just momentarily

  • Write your thoughts down, whether that's online in a blog, a facebook status or a tweet or in a private paper journal, there is something powerful about seeing your thoughts written down, it seems to make them appear trivial somehow

  • Get outdoors - go for a walk to your local park, if you can get out further go to the sea (I crave the sea when I feel sad)

  • Breathe - inhale, exhale deeply through your nose, it's incredibly cleansing (how yoga-y do I sound?)

  • Cook a comforting meal, can't cook? Get someone to make your favourite makes me happy anyway!

  • Break your routine: this can be hard if you work full time hours but when you're not at work change things up, if you spend most nights on the sofa, make yourself get up and go out. Go out every night straight from work? Scrap that and curl up on the sofa in your jammies.

  • And remember this very important thing:


I hope this post has helped you if you're not feeling too great. It's helped me writing it :)