Game of Thrones: A Song of Fashion and Accessories

I love Game of Thrones, but after the finale of Season 5 I am considering never watching it again (fellow fans you may just feel the same) BUT aside from all the tragedy and massacres the costumes cheer me up and bring me out of my-favourite-character-has-just-been-killed-off mood.
So I thought it would be cool to see what jewellery would suit the females of Westeros and beyond and have come up with these:
(ok so they're not quite Dany's dragon collar amazing but shhhhh...)
In no particular order.....
First up we have the incredibly fearless and revenge-filled sex-pot Ellaria, whose home town is the sun-soaked Dorme which means she can show of her skin and wear amazing floaty numbers....with a hint of attitude thrown in (check out those killer shoulder pads!)


Ah Margaery, she is strong willed and not to mention stupendously gorgeous with some of the most stunning costumes on the show. Plus she can put up with the monstrous Lannister/Baratheon family and that says something indeed! 


The Sand Snakes are a bunch of bad-ass warriors, one of whom is the daughter of Ellaria. These girls ooze confidence and they can also be pretty lethal with spears, whips and the like!


Next up is the ethereal, majestic and dreamy Mother of Dragons who to be honest is my favourite character in the whole programme. Daenerys is strong, yet kind she literally embodies that quote 'do no harm but take no shit.' Also she has dragons. So c'mon she has to be my fave for that reason alone.



Myrcella is the daughter of Cersei (who is coming up later in the post) and while she hasn't been a major character her outfits are just so cute! They offer a bit of pastel pleasure in an otherwise world of greys and neutral tones...


 Arya Stark is another favourite character of mine, this girl has been through some serious hell but somehow has managed to keep surviving. She's a tough cookie!


Ah Cersei....perhaps one of the most cunning and evil characters in Game of Thrones. However she is strong and a fearless mother so we have to give her some credit right? I've matched her up with simple yet striking jewels that would compliment her family name and those stunning sumptous costumes she wears


 Melisandre drips with sex appeal but she is quite a cunning and sinister woman, a true sorceress obsessed with the Lord of the Light. I've given her jewels to match her stunning red outfits...


And last but certainly not least we've got the beautifully woeful Sansa. Like her sister Arya she's been through some awful shit but she's getting stronger and stronger as the show goes on. Us Northerners are good at adapting ;)

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post as much as I've enjoyed putting the collections together! Would you have matched each character the same? 

Anna x