What makes you happy?


So today is the International Day of Happiness (who decides these things though?) Anyway it's got us thinking about what makes us girls at Tessies happy, so thought we'd share some of ours:

  • Anna: Quality time with loved ones (not just a quick text or facebook chat, you know the real thing) Pickle, Travis, Chester and Misty, plus all the other cats in the world. Eating good food. Tea. Cocktails. Yorkshire. A good book. Being by the sea. Berlin. Photography. Peanut butter. Making lists.

  •  NicolaHearing the owl that hoots outside my window every night. Cloudless skies. Potatoes. Baby animals of every kind. The feeling of getting into bed with new PJs and fresh bedding. Seeing someone in the street wearing Tessies. Paint by numbers. Being creative. My needy little pup. My mischievous naughty dog. Seeing my bunnies hop around the garden. Lighting scented candles.

  • Katie: Cats. The sun. The universe. Music. Carl. Family. Polka dots. Black clothes - such a goth ;) Being creative. Thunderstorms. Photography. Meditating. Riding my bike. Milkshakes.


We'd love to know what makes you happy, so feel free to share and enjoy this day of happiness! :)

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