Spring Pastels


One of my favourite jobs is creating new jewellery displays in the shop. The layout of Tessies is unique in that all of the jewellery is laid out in individual displays according to colour and theme. The aim is to dream up a creative, original way to display a cohesive collection of pieces, that is beautiful but functional, with just enough items on it to be intriguing with lots to look at, but not too much or it quickly looks less 'kooky little boutique' and more 'charity junk shop'.

I'm just starting to gather props for a Spring Pastel collection that'll be ready soon. I always love to use random items that wouldn't normally be used to display jewellery. Browsing the charity shops on Newland Avenue always proves fruitful in finding unusual little knick-knacks.

Props are important because they set the scene, provide a backdrop for the jewellery and give height and depth - there's nothing more dull than a table of jewellery all laid out flat. So for this one I was inspired by the idea of this dreamy spring time picnic, with fairy lights and cute pastel teacups and doilies, piles of old hardback books painted in pastel colours and decorated with handmade tassel garlands - which I found on Pinterest and have been dying to make.

I'll update you when it's done!

~ Nicola ~

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