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How many of you have seen this video recently? I saw it the other day on TV and actually sat up and watched -normally I ignore most adverts - use the time to go make a cuppa etc etc.
However I was glued to the screen because for once there were real women and girls on there - yay for jiggly bits! Real women and girls who clearly give zero fucks about what they look like whilst working out. I was glued to the screen because I thought you know what I can relate to why this campaign has been launched! So often have I been put off joining a class at the gym or going for a run because of what people might think of me.
If this video can make myself (generally quite lazy and lacking motivation) and other women feel like taking up a new sport or just joining a new class for the first time then brilliant. I don't think it's a vanity thing either I don't think it is saying you have to be a certain size or weight, I just think it's encouraging women to look after themselves, for themselves - from a health perspective and with that I think that #thisgirlcan too.
~ Anna ~

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