Give A Little Love

Today I received a pretty bouquet of yellow roses from an elderly lady who often pops into the shop to have a chat (she often buys jewellery too) and her reason for giving them to me was 'just because'. Safe to say I was overwhelmed with happiness I even got tears in my eyes! The simple act of giving someone something unexpected is beautiful in it's own right, whatever the gift. I realised it wasn't the flowers that made me so emotional, it was the fact that this lady took the time out to buy the flowers, head to Tessies and present them to me, she took time to think about someone else.

This act reminded me of an article I read in Flow magazine about a woman who was inspired to 'give something away' every day for 29 days*. An idea so simple but so huge in the way it effects those involved - including the gift bearer. Whether it was a smile at a stranger, a gift to someone she sort of knew, or giving away something cherished to a loved one these acts of giving ultimately made the woman feel happy, a win win for everyone.
Feeling inspired by this act of random kindness, I've decided to try it myself. I might not buy flowers but whatever I decide to do it will be purely random and purely joyful and I challenge you to do something similar too. After all, as the famous song at the end of Bugsy Malone goes... 'You give a little love and it all comes back to you'. :)



~ Anna ~


*You can find out about the inspiration behind it here: 



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