5 Years in Business


We've been around for 5 years now (can't quite believe that!) it seems like yesterday when I was excitedly opening up shop, just in time for Christmas.

- Our first ever window -

I was trying to play it cool but I felt sick with nerves, my sister was with me on the shop floor serving customers and when the first girl came up to buy something I hid in the back because I couldn't contain my excitement, haha!

The shop was entirely different then, the ideas I had about what it would be are not at all what Tessies has become - and I love that. We didn't have ANY jewellery at all, as if! Our jewellery is my absolute favourite thing we sell now, I love that I get to spend time finding jewellery and call it work. The clothes were a mix of new and vintage, there were a lot of bold prints and accessories, we had lots of separates, band tees, printed sweaters and cute vintage dresses.

- Our first photoshoot -

I studied fashion at uni and I worked on a placement with a bridal designer who really motivated me. She told me that the most important lesson she had learned throughout her career in business was not to be rigid and know when to adapt. That stayed with me and made it easy for me to experiment with ideas and allow the personality of the Tessies to develop naturally and not to insist that it had to work out the way I had imagined in my head.

Fast forward 5 years and now we're known for our amazing but affordable jewellery, cute prints, vibrant dresses and creative displays. 

- 2014 - 

So after spending a few years finding our feet, 2014 was the year that everything fell into place. We knew our niche , we knew what our customers wanted and we were really confident that we could give it to them. Everything was running smoothly and that left us time to get creative, which is what we really love doing. Which is the reason I opened up shop to begin with.

And that's what you can expect from us this year. We're going to be having fun with Tessies, just being creative for the hell of it because that's what inspires us and if we can share that with you too, then even better. We've already started filling our sketchbooks with window display ideas, shop layout changes and kooky little additions to the decor. We are practically bursting at the seams with ideas for the website which is undergoing some huge changes right now. We're so fricking excited to start our photoshoots we've been recruiting for. We'll be hiring new people to join our team too, getting involved in local projects, and sharing more of our personality through our social media.

So stay tuned, 2015 is going to be huge for us!

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  • nicola gibbons
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