Working on the Workshop 0

When we moved to Humber Street, part of the appeal was that we could have a bigger space that had enough room for a workshop area. A place where we can make our jewellery from and work on upcoming collections, hold all kinds of creative workshops from and other joyful and inspiring gatherings.

So now the busy Summer period is done, work has begun. I absolutely love doing DIY and decorating - anything creative and where I'm working with my hands and I'm in my element. 

I've been sanding, caulking, painting and prepping for the cabinets to go in and the wallpaper to go up. I'm gonna leave it at that and you'll have to wait for the big reveal to see what I've been working on!

The first workshop is on November 8th and I CANNOT WAIT. To get the space going and have people enjoy it and also because this one is Vulva cake decorating. I mean come on, how much fun. It's sold out but don't worry we've got loads of other amazing classes lined up so watch this space...

Nicola xx

  • Anna Carter

A Successful Autumn Launch 0

Not gonna lie Anna and I were absolutely shattered after the Autumn launch, we worked so hard and stayed late nights getting everything ready.

In previous seasons we've trickled in the new clothing styles but this time we wanted to show it all at once and transform our pastel paradise into a cosy Autumn fair. Plus it's a good excuse for a bit of a knees up so why not! We also wanted to reveal our new window scheme on the same night, plus add more rails, change the shop around AND create some new jewellery displays to go with the new collections so we had a sh*t load to coordinate. 

Mix in a bit of PMT (SORRY Anna and thank you for putting up with me!) and you can imagine things got a bit hairy.

The window was Anna's labour of love, inspired by her favourite bits of her favourite season; Hull fair, bonfire night and harvest festival. Look how pretty it turned out! So gorgeous...

It was so good to see lots of our lovely customers and the response to our new collections was incredible! So it was 100% worth all the hard work!
There were dogs, there was lots of fizz and all round good vibes 😃 annndddd there was a confetti cannon! 🎉 (or three 🤪)
Huge thanks to all of you that came to see us and our lovely shop - we love ya! 😘

And a special thank you to Sam from Future Polaroid Photography for coming down and taking these beautiful pics of the night. He's such a lovely guy, so it was an absolute pleasure to have him with us and he had such a great eye for capturing the mood of the night.

Nicola xx

  • Anna Carter

Autumn Collection Launch Night 0


Get yourself down to the store for a first chance to shop our brand new season clothing and jewellery collections!

Reasons to be there:
Complimentary fizz 🥂
Free gift when you spend £20+ 🎁
Witness Cecil in his brand new A/W outfit 🐼
Joy and good vibes
See you there! xx


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  • Anna Carter

Mural Finished! 0

Absolutely made up with the painting, can't stop looking at it! The colours are divine and so us, and I love how she's incorporated the pink hexagon tiles from inside the shop and has managed to create something both geometric and pretty which is exactly what we wanted. Behold...

  • Anna Carter

Shop Front Plans 0

When I seen the Floral Arches that Lydia Caprani Artist created a few months ago, I knew that she was the perfect person to work with to design something bold and beautiful for our new shop front. I'm so excited that she's painting our bespoke design this weekend, CANNOT WAIT to reveal it and to have the outside of the shop looking as spectacular as the inside!! 


  • Anna Carter

We've moved! 0

After what feels like 50 years of planning we've moved to our bigger, better space on Humber Street near the marina. Designing and decorating the shop was a labour of love that took us months to finish, but we honestly couldn't be happier with the results! This is our happy place...


  • Anna Carter