Rita and Mavis 0

We haven't heard much from these ladies recently, don't worry though I'm sure they're busy trying on new outfits and jewellery as I type!
So while we eagerly await their return why not refresh yourself with their past antics:







Wonderful Watermelon! 0


We came across this fruity mani on Pinterest and just thought it would be the perfect match for our Watermelon Tank Top. 
Time to get our nail polish out! :)





What makes you happy? 0

So today is the International Day of Happiness (who decides these things though?) Anyway it's got us thinking about what makes us girls at Tessies happy, so thought we'd share some of ours:

  • Anna: Quality time with loved ones (not just a quick text or facebook chat, you know the real thing) Pickle, Travis, Chester and Misty, plus all the other cats in the world. Eating good food. Tea. Cocktails. Yorkshire. A good book. Being by the sea. Berlin. Photography. Peanut butter. Making lists.

  •  NicolaHearing the owl that hoots outside my window every night. Cloudless skies. Potatoes. Baby animals of every kind. The feeling of getting into bed with new PJs and fresh bedding. Seeing someone in the street wearing Tessies. Paint by numbers. Being creative. My needy little pup. My mischievous naughty dog. Seeing my bunnies hop around the garden. Lighting scented candles.

  • Katie: Cats. The sun. The universe. Music. Carl. Family. Polka dots. Black clothes - such a goth ;) Being creative. Thunderstorms. Photography. Meditating. Riding my bike. Milkshakes.


We'd love to know what makes you happy, so feel free to share and enjoy this day of happiness! :)

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London Trip 0

So we've just returned from our bi-annual trip to London. We spend two days there buying most of our upcoming collections, plus we get inspired for our store window and jewellery displays. We always come back fizzing with ideas and this time was no exception. (We're working hard on making the props right now and all will be revealed soon!) Sooo, what did we buy??
  • Well, it's coming up to summer which is the perfect excuse for us to stock up on our kooky prints, they're our thing. I love to find the most unusual - and anything with animals on gets an automatic extra 10 points. Here's my faves from the trip:
Dresses and tops coming soon!
  • It looks as though co-ords won't be going anywhere this summer, we've chosen a few styles we think you're gonna love, they all have a little something extra, whether it be a tiny pom pom trim like this one or cute little button up details and pockets


    • Customers have been asking us for longer hem lines recently, so this time around we made sure to include plenty of midi styles plus some knee length beauties. Don't worry there's still plenty of cute little minis though!


    •  Pastels pastels pastels! Sweet sugary dresses and tops in every shade and cute blazers to match.

    Pastel lace and candy stripes

    Uber girly frills and strappy slips



    • Plenty of Seventies nostalgia with our muted bohemian prints, these dresses and playsuits will looks amazing layered with tassels & fringing. Perfect festival wear.


    • And last but not least the pièce de résistance; ANIMAL BAGS! I'm so excited about these but I don't want to spoil it before they all arrive so you can have a little peek at two of them...

    I know, I know!


    So there you go, a little taste of what you can expect to find in our Spring/Summer arrivals, hope you're as excited as we are!


    OOTD 0

    Outfit of the day; chic black and silver colour palette, tons of texture, floral embellishment & metallic details 
    Get the look...